Egon DC-Hub Bracket and cover only

Egon DC-Hub Bracket and cover only


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EGON DC HUB BRACKET & COVER is specifically designed to mount the EGON DC-Hub. It consists of a stainless-steel mounting bracket combined with a see-through high-quality hard plastic cover.


The mounting bracket is designed to permit ease of mounting in any choice of direction, and includes multiple anchor points that permit cable ties to fix each cable. It has multiple, conveniently placed mounting holes that means a quick and easy installation.

The easily removed cover let’s you see everything going on behind it, for example a blown fuse. The bracket also contains holes on one side for cable ties to reduce vibration.

This product is used for the installation of the EGON DC Hub which is sold separately or as a kit together with the DC Hub.

You can also purchase the complete DC Hub Kit including the DC Hub and Bracket.


The Dimensions of the bracket are: 320mm(W) x 160mm(D) x 70mm(H)


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