EGON Water-Hub Pro

All-in one, plug & play hot & cold water distribution system. 

EGON’s Water Hub takes all the thinking out of vehicle plumbing distribution.

The World’s Most Efficient Way To Plumb Water Systems In Boats, Caravans, 4wds And Off-Grid Homes.

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Installation Instructions

Water-HUB Installation Guide.

Can it really be that simple?

Plumb up to two water source inputs: fresh / tank and alternative. Then plumb the two outputs: heated and cold. (e.g. heated to the shower, cold to the tap/drink water).

Now connect your choice of water heaters to the hot water-in so the hub is supplied with hot water. Then run in a 12V power source. Mount the twin-switch harness (optional) to the casing or your own location, and you are done! It really is that simple.

The twin-switches select which water source you’d like to pump from: E.g. potable/hot or grey-water/external supply. The hub does the rest. It even controls the warm temperature selected by the automatic mixer valve so it almost eliminates wastage as water is controlled to a desired temperature. Just open the taps on the outputs to select which water source you want to use, and water will flow.

We estimate a 10-hour labour saving with a typical installation, and anyone can do it because we’ve done the hard part.

Designed for boats, caravans, 4WDs and off-grid dwellings. Not suitable for use with mains pressure water supply. No more need for plumbing specialist expertise!

Made from the best quality components available today.

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Making Water System Installation Faster And Smarter.


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Case: W 32 cms. H 10 cms L 29 cms

W including connectors and temp control knob: 38 cms

Weight with cover: 4.9 kgs

EGON Water-Hub specifications


Case: W 32 cms. H 10 cms L 29 cms

Width including connectors and temp control knob: 38 cms

Weight with cover: 4.9 kgs

Electric Circuit

12v power supply needs to be connected to 4m 4mm twin core cable (can be shortened for installation) and needs an external 15A fuse.

The unit is equipped with 2 x on / off push button switch on housing for fresh water / tank pump (blue led) and external pickup / dirt water pump (green led).


Material: Cold-rolled steelThickness: 1.2mm.

Construction: Totally reversible cabinet. Wall mounting by 4 x Ø9mm holes. Double fold to prevent water from entering cabinet also acting as a gutter. Earthing stud standard. Drainage hole on the base of cabinet to prevent condensation.

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Superb Quality, Aussie Made

Built from the best components we can find for a long operational service life. Components come from Germany and other European countries, the case is made and it’s assembled in Western Australia.

Fool proof

One of the biggest challenges of water installations is the lack of expertise, and the resultant quality shortfalls. With the Egon Water-Hub all the complex plumbing is done for you. This is truly a plug & play product.

Installation Guides

The unit is marked with input and output instructions and every unit comes with an installation guide. These guides are backed up up by installation videos on our YouTube channel.

EGON Water-Hub plumbing

The New, Brilliant Way To Install
A Water System
DC Water Hub installation diagram | EGON

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