Congratulations. You have just purchased a remarkable cost and time-saving device called the EGON Water-Hub. This device enables you to travel with the least amount of water in your drink water tank by separating your shower / washing water source from your drink water source. It has got two completely separated water circuits. When you turn on the switch with the blue led your tank water pump will turn on and pressurise the tank water circuit. When you turn on the switch with the green led your external pick up pump will pressurise the external pick up water circuit. The pumps have got an inbuilt pressure switch and will turn on automatically when you use water, as long as the switch is turned on.

Tank Water Circuit supplies both the TAP and the SHWR outlet on the side of the Water Hub.

External Pick Up Circuit will only supply the SHWR outlet.

The two water circuits are internally disconnected from each other. This prevents clean drinking water in your tank being contaminated by any external water source. That means you can collect water from rivers, lakes, etc for showers or for washing up and using an external pick up hose dropped into a bucket or stream, it being sucked into through the Water-Hub and distributed to the SHWR outlet. This is ideal for your washing or showering when Water-Hub automatically mixes the warm water source (e.g. water boiler, gas water heater etc.) and water from the external pickup.

Your TAP outlet cannot be supplied from the external pick up because it would contaminate the tank pump and the tank itself. This means you will not get any water out of the TAP outlet when you turn on the External Pick Up Circuit. Only cold water can come out of the TAP outlet.

Water Hub with black Case | EGON
Water Hub with black Case | EGON
Water Hub diagram Installation guide | EGON

You can connect any water heater to the HW IN and HW OUT circuit. HW OUT is the cold water supply to the water heater of your choice and HW IN is the hot water supply from the water heater to the Water-Hub. The mixer valve on the side of the Water-Hub will automatically mix hot and cold water to supply at the desired water temperature to the SHWR outlet. With dropping temperature in the water heater the valve will automatically mix more hot with less cold the keep the desired temperature steady. This way you will lose a minimum of water because you never have to manually adjust water temperature. Just pre-set the mixer valve turn on the shower hose and within seconds you have got perfectly tempered hot water in your shower.

The External Pick Up hose connects on the other side to the port that is labelled EXT:

HW OUT is the cold water supply to your water heater and HW IN is the hot water supply from your water heater to the Water-Hub.

TANK is the connection from your drink water tank to the Water-Hub.

Plumbing Connections:

The fittings on the Water Hub are all 3/8 BSP and easily available at most plumbing supply shops. If you purchase the optional EGON Water Hub Hose Kit it will come 3 x quick connect fittings that screw into the Water Hub.

Available separately is the EGON Hose Kit Shower Head, Tap Outlet, and External Pick Up.