Egon Water-Hub version 2.0

Egon Water-Hub version 2.0


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The EGON Water-Hub with Hose Kit is a remarkable cost and time-saving device. A simple, extremely robust pre-plumbed box with water in and outputs, pump, valve and temperate control value all in a single, easy to fit unit. It makes water system install quick and clever.


The World’s Most Cost-Effective Way To Plumb Water Systems In Boats, Caravans, 4wds And Off-Grid Homes. Suitable for 12V DC only.


Water-HUB Installation Guide. Can It Really Be That Simple?

Plumb up to two water source inputs: fresh / tank and alternative. Then plumb the two outputs: heated and cold. (e.g. heated to the shower, cold to the tap/drink water).

Now connect your choice of water heaters to the hot water-in so the hub is supplied with hot water. Then run in a 12V power source. Mount the twin-switch harness (optional) to the casing or your own location, and you are done! It really is that simple.

The twin-switches select which water source you’d like to pump from: E.g. potable/hot or grey-water/external supply. The hub does the rest. It even controls the warm temperature selected by the automatic mixer valve so it almost eliminates wastage as water is controlled to a desired temperature. Just open the taps on the outputs to select which water source you want to use, and water will flow.

We estimate a 10-hour labour saving with a typical installation, and anyone can do it because we’ve done the hard part.

Designed for boats, caravans, 4WDs and off-grid dwellings. Not suitable for use with mains pressure water supply. No more need for plumbing specialist expertise!

Made from the best quality components available today.

Does not include a shower rose and hose kit (sold separately)

Making Water System Installation Faster And Smarter.



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