Shower and hose kit for Egon Water-Hub

Shower and hose kit for Egon Water-Hub


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The EGON Water-Hub is a remarkable cost and time-saving device. A simple, extremely robust pre-plumbed box with water in and outputs, pump, valve and temperate control value all in a single, easy to fit unit. It makes water system install quick and clever.


The EGON Water-Hub is a top choice for water pumps with a simple pre-plumbed design | Perth Pro Auto


No more need for plumbing specialist expertise when building water set in 4WDs, RVs, boats, and even dwellings that use a non-mains water supply.

All the difficult stuff is done for you, with the best quality components available today. Make huge savings in labour time, reduce complexity and improve quality of your installations.


FOOL PROOF One of the biggest challenges of water installations is the lack of expertise, and the resultant quality shortfalls. With the Egon Water-Hub, there are no need for plumber’s tape, special tools, or to go shopping for parts.


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