Egon Water-Hub Hose Kit

Egon Water-Hub Hose Kit


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Hose and Connection Kit for EGON Water Hub. Kit consists of Shower Hose, Tap Hose, External Pickup Hose and 3 x 90 Degree Brass Fittings to connect a tank hose and 2 x Hot Water System hoses.


Tap Water Hose

  • White finish is made from ABS plastic & is fitted with a Non-Return Valve to prevent back flow in to water supply.
  • Pack includes a stylish hand piece, mounting bracket and 1.2m PVC hose.
  • ABS construction
  • Non-Return Valve fitted in hand spray

External Pickup Hose

  • 5m silicone vacuum hose with stainless mesh filter.

Shower Head

Enjoy longer showers with the ergonomically designed, handheld shower head.

Convenient on/off handle switch allows you to pause the flow of water while shampooing.

  • An on/off switch allows you to pause the water flow while shampooing.
  • Kit includes a shower head, flex hose, washers, wall mount and hardware.

Other Features

  • 5 Settings (Alternate On/Off, rain shower low, rain shower high, massage w/rain shower and massage spray)
  • Lightweight
  • Rubber spay tips allow for easy cleaning
  • Complete with 150cm hose


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