Q1. My battery has a 80/100/120 amps/hr capacity. Is the DC-Hub suitable?

A1. Yes. But this question displays a common misunderstanding of electricity and the terms used. The DC-Hub's largest connectors can handle 120 A. (amperes) This is the maximum current flow rate through that connector. A battery capacity, e.g. 80/100/120 amp/hr is how much energy it can store. It's like dam and a river. The battery is the dam. When the sluice gates open, water flows. When the flow rate exceeds the river bank's ability to contain it, it will burst its banks. When current flow rate (amps per hour) exceeds the equipment, heat is generated. So the available supply of current (amps/hr) does not cause the heat, but an excessive flow rate does (A). The real question should be, my current drawer is 'X', is the DC-Hub suitable? 

Q2. My battery has a 80/100/120 amps/hr capacity. How much current can it produce? A2. For example, a 80A battery can produce, a hypothetical 80 AMPS for one hour. (The usable capacity is less than this due to many factors.)  But the maximum current flow of the same battery can easily reach 600A or more. If you removed the dam wall, the water will gush out until the reservoir is empty and the river's banks will be destroyed. The battery is like this and a breached dam wall is like a short circuit. A typical lead-acid battery can produce enough energy to weld steel - until its empty. That's why we ALWAYS use fuses at the battery. 

Q3. I have a LiFePO battery. Does this change things.

A3. Yes. Because of the internal BMS (battery management system) that limited the current flow from the battery. This is why they are unsuitable for very high current applications, like winching. But the rules of battery capacity and current flow still stand. 

MORE QUESTIONS ON THE WAY . .  come back soon.


Aux battery. 150A max

Start battery. 60A max

Unregulated solar

Regulated solar

DC-DC Charger 60A max


High-capacity output. 80A max

General 50A max

Dual input/output 50A max

10 x 25A general output.


Should a fuse blow the corresponding red LED will glow, indicating a failure. Fault-tracing then becomes effortless.


Large x 3

Small x 5

width 267 mm

depth 108mm

55mm height